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  • Nurture Communication

    When your franchisees don’t talk to you

    A Franchise System depends on its ability to nurture communication.  When your franchisees don’t talk to you, you can’t support them. You don’t want to find out too late that they are working 7 days a week, or that they are losing customers, or that their competition is taking their customers. Keeping the lines of communication open doesn’t have to be complicated:

    Schedule Calls.

    Check in with your franchisees and see how everything is going and what everyone is doing. Pick up the phone and let your franchisees know you are around even if there is nothing that needs to be discussed.

    Pay your Franchisees a Visit

    There is no better way to see how your franchisees are doing than to check in on them during work hours. Make sure all the employees are doing what they need to do to make the business run smoothly. Chat with the employees. Ask questions. Be sure everyone is properly trained and procedures are being followed.

    Encourage your Franchisees to Call and Visit each other

    As a franchisor, you want your store in Atlanta, GA to be the same as it is in Long Beach, CA. If all the franchisees near each other connect, you are more likely to see consistency throughout your organization.  Franchisees that learn from each other create stronger businesses.  Watching how more successful franchises operate can also be motivating. Encourage your franchisees to share their ideas and learn from one another.  Make sure everyone is on the same page. This builds community and when you are building community, you are nurturing communication.  Keep yourself open to your franchisees and they will stay open to you.

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