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The Book

Secrets of Franchise Success

Here is the good news for franchisees. The dream of being a top 20 percent franchisee in any system is alive and doing well, if you take the time to learn how others have done it and then apply that knowledge. This book contains the secrets of top 20 percent franchisees, drawn from proprietary research conducted with business owners from a variety of franchise systems.

The majority of people who purchase a franchise business (we will call them “frantreprenuers”) do it hoping to replace the sense of imprisonment that comes from a nine-to-five job where they make money for someone else and follow someone else’s rules. They have a strong belief that owning their own business with a system and a proven track record will give them more control over their time, schedule, earning potential and future. Unfortunately many of these folks also believe that buying a franchise is like buying an extra pair of hands that will do most of the heavy lifting. Very often these franchisees are disappointed. They work longer hours, and earn less than they did as an employee.

Who needs to read this book?
1) Franchisees who have not achieved the success they wanted
2) People who are thinking about becoming franchise business owners
3) Anyone who has ever wondered what it takes to be a Top Performing franchisee.


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