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Franchise Leadership Program

the challenge

The challenge is that many small business owners do not have prior management and leadership experience.  They struggle with Hiring, Training, Coaching, and Developing their employees.  Rather than hiring and developing employees, they try and do all or most of the work themselves.



Based on proprietary research and a combined 30 years of experience in Leadership Development, the Franchise Prosperity Institute’s coaches have created a Management and Leadership Program to help business owners separate themselves from the day to day running of the business so they can focus on its long term growth.

Why 6 months?

Learning management skills and developing leadership capacity takes time.  The program is designed to deliver information based on modules that focus on the difference between Managing and Leading a business and create a format for coaching and developing small business owners.

Time commitment for the franchisee:

– 1x Month – Meet 90 minutes – in the group

– 1x Month – Meet 1 hour privately with a coach

Who are good franchisee candidates for this program?

– Franchisees who have struggled to hire, train and retain employees

– Franchisees who are working very hard but can’t seem to get to the next level


– Each franchisee begins the process with a benchmark private meeting to assess their management and leadership skills

– Coach and franchisee discuss where the franchisee wants to be in 9-months and from an organizational standpoint in one, three and five years

– Franchisees understand the differences between Managing and Leading

– Franchisees learn a Model and Structure around coaching and developing employees

– At the end of 6 months, benchmarks are revisited and measured.

ROI for Franchisors:

– Happier franchisees equal More Franchise Sales

– Higher gross revenues equals higher royalty payments

ROI for Franchisees:

– Happier more engaged employees lead to happier Franchisees

– Happier more engaged employees leads to higher customer satisfaction which leads to more revenue

– Management and Leadership Skills last a lifetime

Program Costs:

The Franchisee will cover 60% of the programs tuition and the Franchisor will cover 40% of the program’s tuition.

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